Why Choose Alert GPS Fleet Tracking


When using the Alert Gps platform, users can quickly identify a vehicles’ current location, past events, exact time of dispatch, and estimated arrival times. Drivers can be tracked and accounted for at all times, without any hassle, reducing human error.

Alert Gps offers a plethora of options that help improve a company’s productivity and contributes to making everyday activities fast and efficient for dispatchers, drivers, and managers.


Users may dispatch drivers with accurate information, the shortest and most efficient routes of travel, accounting for delays, such as bad weather or road closures. It is possible to redirect drivers’ routes in seconds, without any hassle, using the Alert Gps navigation system.

Monitor Fleet and asset Activity

With Alert Gps, users have the ability to check where employees are, see exact travel and idle times, accounting for how much time is spent traveling and on the job. This allows jobs to be finished sooner,  allowing the opportunity to complete more work, which will contribute to customer satisfaction and a greater company profit.


Limit Speeding and Idling

The platform allows users to examine employees driving habits, such as erratic speeding or idling,  by notifying them instantly. This saves money on fuel, by reducing unnecessary vehicle idling.

Optimize Routes

Dispatchers are provided with the tools they need to help drivers get to jobsites quickly, by choosing the shortest routes, comparing how long alternative routes would take, informing drivers of how long previous routes took, and accounting for short-cuts and obstacles on a given route, such as train tracks, school zones, and speed limits.


Time Management

Users can keep track of driver’s whereabouts at all times, virtually. This reduces paper, human discrepancies, and the hassle of collecting time sheets. It allows one to know the exact start and end times at the time of execution.

Monitor Fleet Activity

Managers have more control of driver’s activity. They know when a driver has gone off route, made an unauthorized stop, taken a longer route, or idled. This knowledge helps prevent unnecessary overtime pay to drivers, who seek to stretch their hours or abuse their work time, for personal stops.


Alert Gps helps keep drivers, fleets, and assets safe, by reducing major risks and obstacles.

Driver Behavior:

Users have the power to track behavior of drivers accurately, send them warning notifications, and monitor activity continuously. This allows drivers to break bad driving habits, improving overall safety.

Navigation Simplicity

The technology allows for constant contact between dispatchers and drivers. Dispatchers can help guide drivers, who encounter obstacles, re-route them quickly, and communicate through the devices, without distraction or interruption.

Location Services

The driver may communicate with the dispatcher in the event of an emergency, by using a panic button. The dispatcher has exact information on a vehicles whereabouts, reducing risks, and ensuring quick communication, in the event of an emergency.

Vehicle Maintenance

Users may enter information for each vehicles’ specific maintenance schedule and have alerts sent to them, when there is maintenance that needs to be completed. This helps ensure vehicle services are completed in a timely manner that may otherwise go overlooked.


Alert Gps provides users with the tools they need to improve customer service. Knowing where vehicles and assets are allows a quick response time to customer emergencies and location inquiries, saving on company time that can be used to serve more customers.

Customer Emergencies

The platform helps resolve issues quickly and efficiently, by directing drivers and sending out notifications to all necessary parties, in the event of an emergency.

Accurately Estimate Arrival Times

Alert Gps gives customers accurate arrival times, estimates employee travel time, vehicle use time ranges, and accounts for delays that may occur, due to traffic congestion or road hazards.

Serve More Customers

The platform allows users to re-route or alert drivers, anytime, and help them arrive at jobsites quickly, saving on company expenses and time, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Confirm Job Completion

Clients of the user may be notified exactly when a job is complete. Users may record vehicles past whereabouts, ensuring the accuracy of client’s addresses and confirming employees have arrived on time.


We are committed to providing our clients the highest quality of service available, allowing easy access to track vehicles and assets.

Unauthorized Usage

Alert Gps allows users to track unauthorized use after hours of operation, confirm that drivers are on authorized routes with geo-fences, and notify drivers, when unauthorized use is detected.

Monitor Fleet Activity

The platform provides information, such as the location of where employees are, and allows users to see exact travel and idle times, accounting for how much time is spent on the job and how much is spent traveling. This helps employees finish jobs faster, due to reduced travel time, allowing the opportunity to complete more work, which will contribute to customer satisfaction and greater company profit.

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