GPS Tracking Products

Alert ELD

An ELD is a system that automatically records a driver’s driving time and other aspects of the hours-of-service (HOS) record. This allows easier and more accurate HOS record keeping. An Alert ELD device monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data, such as whether the engine is running, whether the vehicle is moving, record miles driven, and engine hours. The device automatically records date, time, and location information. It will also log engine hours, vehicle miles, and ID information of the driver using the device.
GPS Tracking application allows dispatchers to keep track of drivers at all times, pinpoint violations in real time, and reduce fuel and labor costs.

Recommended For:
ELECTRONIC LOGBOOK DEVICE – Fleet Tracking Solutions

GTI 200

The GTI 200 may be integrated with multiple devices at one time. It is easily integrated with motion detectors, allowing all movement in proximity of the device to be accounted for, even when no one is present. There are a wide range of notification services, such as low battery, geo-fence breaches, speeding, motion detection, and other customized features. It has a water resistant stable design, to prevent damage to the unit, even in harsh weather climates. The GTI 200 allows low battery consumption through the use of a vehicle’s internal battery, eliminating the need for external battery units.

Recommended For:
ASSETS – Heavy Equipment, Loaders, Generators, Construction Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats

GTI 300

The GTI 300 allows for integration with a GPS device that provides drivers the option to view and monitor their route, in real time, and gives them the ability to communicate with dispatch, through the device integration, reducing the need for other devices. This unit is designed with built in temperature sensors to ensure cargo is always at the appropriate temperature. It contains built in motion sensors, which allows for a vehicle to be accounted for, even without the presence of drivers. The GTI 300 has a wide range of notification options including: constructing geo-fences to help keep vehicles and assets in a prescribed range, monitoring driver’s behavior from erratic speeding, idling, to breaching geo-fences, low battery notifications, dispatch options, and emergency signals, which are transmitted to the platform and stored in the unit’s history.

Recommended For:
FLEET TRACKING – Trucks, Vans, Vehicle Management

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