How Alert GPS Fleet Tracking Works

The ELD system is mandatory and idea for fleet owners who want reduce HOS record keeping paperwork and violations while improving driver safety. The ELD system is integrated with GPS fleet tracking software providing fleet owners with a cost effective, real – time tracking solution to improve compliance with FMCSA safety rules.

Alert GPS uses integrated tracking solutions to monitor vehicles and assets. The tracking device communicates with spatial satellites to pinpoint location of vehicles or assets, quickly and accurately, by triangulating the location, based on at least three satellites that are constantly orbiting the earth, using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. The distances are very accurate and allow tracking to take place from anywhere on earth. These locations are sent to our interactive platform, where data is stored for reference.

Our platform is customizable to our users’ needs. Users can log in, from any device, to view location of vehicles or assets at any time. Alert notifications may also be set up to send out automatic messages, when a violation has occurred, such as speeding, idling, breaching a geo-fence, or another feature.

For vehicle tracking, notification messages may be sent to an integrated GPS device for the drivers’ viewing. The driver and dispatcher have access to the same tracking information at all times, allowing the dispatcher to monitor and modify routes, while being aware of obstacles and emergencies, all in real time.

What Users Can Do with Alert GPS – ELD System

  • Determine the closest vehicle to a given location, saving on travel time and increasing profit, by being able to service more customers, in a shorter period of time.
  • Keep track of vehicle maintenance, to prevent unnecessary wear on the vehicles.
  • Monitor employee activity, to prevent unauthorized use of time and vehicles.
  • Re-route vehicles, without causing confusion to dispatchers or drivers.
  • Save time and resources, improve overall company productivity, and increase profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Real – time tracking solution to improve compliance with FMCSA safety rules.

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