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Users can keep track of all valuable equipment, with the click of a button. Our platform allows users to keep track of events by receiving customizable alerts, such as upon starting equipment, transporting equipment, and tracking it, when it is idle. These features allow a user to never lose track of any piece of equipment and view when and how long equipment is in use, to enhance productivity. This prevents unauthorized use and unnecessary idling that wastes valuable resources.

Maintenance alerts help keep track of necessary services,  helping ensure vehicles do not undergo unnecessary wear and tear, prolonging the life of the equipment. We will help users determine the most reliable tracking solutions and customizable options that fit their specific tracking needs. Our platform allows users to choose the features they need to ensure their valuables are safe from getting lost, stolen, or prevent unauthorized use from taking place.

If a piece of equipment is misplaced or stolen, information of the whereabouts may be transmitted to authorities from our platform, to help ensure swift recovery. It allows users’ peace of mind, by allowing access to national location coverage of their assets, at all times.

Recommended Product – GTI 200

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